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Pre-requisites / remarks

Life Membership Prefix – L In order to be a life member of the PHO Chapter, one has to be a Life member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and have keen interest in pediatric hematology and oncology as evidenced by papers on the subject, hands on training in PHO or active involvement in caring for children with haematology oncology disorders. On being elected as life member, one is eligible for all benefits of the chapter including voting rights, standing for election and holding office in the chapter.
Associate Life Membership Prefix ASL Students undergoing training in Pediatrics, having Associate Life Membership of IAP, but not yet eligible for full Life Membership of IAP and keenly interested in pediatric hematology and oncology, are eligible for Associate Life Membership of the PHO Chapter. On completion of training in Pediatrics and becoming a full Life Member of the IAP, these members are eligible to become full Life Members of the PHO Chapter. This will be done only on written request of the individual member. Associate members have no voting rights nor are they eligible to hold office in the chapter but will have all the other benefits of chapter membership.
Affiliate Life Membership Prefix – AFL Honored members of other specialities who work closely with or treat children with hematology oncology disorders (Radiation Oncologists, Pathologists, Pediatric surgeons etc) but are not eligible to be full Life members of IAP, will be Affiliate Life Members. They can, if elected, head any scientific group or committee, as decided from time to time, of the PHO chapter. They will however, not have any voting rights, nor can they hold administrative office in the PHO Chapter.

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Membership Fees : Life membership: Rs. 2000 (Indian) ; $250 (NRI/Non Indian) Demand draft to be drawn in favour of : “IAP Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Chapter Mumbai”. Please send completed Form with Demand Draft to:

Dr Deepak Bansal
Honorary Secretary of PHO chapter of IAP Professor,
Hematology/Oncology Unit Dept. of Pediatrics,
Advanced Pediatric Center Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research
Chandigarh, 160 012 India
Email: secy.pho@gmail.com