PHO Introduction

PHO-Introduction It is a matter of pride to say few words regarding the fastest growing Pediatric Hemato-Oncology sub-specialty of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. It was during Silver Jubilee Year of IAP (XXIV national Conference of IAP at Madras) had taken decision to initiate sub-specialty chapters. Pediatric Hemato-Oncology group did not loose any time and this chapter was conceived and the foundation of this chapter was laid during the proceedings on 11th October 1987 with the following objectives.

  1. To encourage and advance the knowledge and practice of Hematology Oncology in India.
  2. To organize conference, lectures, seminars and exhibitions etc.
  3. To cooperate and affiliate with other bodies with similar aims in the interest of Pediatric Hematology Oncology.
  4. To bring a newsletter to increase the awareness and publish the advances in this field at National and International level in the interest of our members.
  5. To provide and encourage research in field of Hematology oncology in India.

Dr. T. Darairajan was nominated as its first President and P.N. Krishnamurti was nominated as Vice President. Dr. M.R. Lokeshwar became the founder secretary and editor of the chapter. In this sub-specialty, the Pediatrician interested in the field of Pediatric Oncology, Thalassemia, Hemophilia, Nutritional Anemia and other blood disorders became the members of this of this sub specialty. Dr. M.R. Lokeshwar the founder secretary had vision, goal and worked hard sincerely with commitment and with focused direction laid the solid foundation of this chapter.

He initiated the newsletter within three months of the formation of the chapter. In the first editorial the editor stated the objective of the newsletter “We hope to provide you thought provoking reading material, recent advances and newer techniques in hematology and oncology. We look forward to your cooperation and commitment to improve the quality of the newsletter ______________________”. Subsequently all the editors have stuck to the same ideology. From the very first news letter apt. title has remained Blood Sustains Life__________ Charak Sahita 24-4 6th Century AD”. The Apt title was truth of life i.e. “Blood sustains life, and without this life will not be in existence.

Subsequently all the presidents and secretaries worked with commitment, dedication to pursue the objectives of the PHO chapters. This body grew leaps and bound and became the leading chapter of IAP. It was evident as the PHO Chapter was awarded best chapter by the IAP several times. PHO newsletter became very popular and on request of members PHO review was published of the first ten years by then the dynamic secretary Dr. Bharat Agarwal. He initiated cooperation with SIOP in pursuance of the objectives of the chapter. A memorandum of understanding was signed between SIOP and PHO chapter of IAP. A concept of National Training Project was conceived and SIOP gave substantial assistance for several years for this project. An extensive two days training programme was formulated to provide training after extensive discussions with experts from SIOP and National experts at Mumbai. The training module included lectures, practical, skill stations and interactive sessions. A reference manual was published to serve as reference textbook for Practical Pediatric Oncology course. This first trainer workshop was held in Mumbai in 1997 under the Chairmanship of Dr. V.P. Choudhry. “Dr. V.P. Choudhry remarked that these workshops will provide adequate information to our fellow colleagues to provide state of art of care of children with cancer. Such a movement will improve the long-term survival of children affected with various cancers”. Subsequently similar workshops were held every year in five regions of our country to improve the care of children with cancer. This movement became a National movement and achieved unprecedented growth. Success of such an effort evident as PHO chapter was awarded SIOP Award for 2002. Second manual was published after complete revision and its updating in the year 2002. Common set of slides were made to keep the uniformity of training and discussions in various training programme throughout the country. Prof. Sverre O Lie, President SIOP (1997-99) of International Society of Pediatric Oncology, who strongly believes that cancer in children is potentially curable and provided all the possible help with the objective “To reach and help more children with cancer in India”. A common protocol was initiated which could provide the best care for children with cancer. The bonds of understanding grew further between SIOP and PHO and Pediatric Hemato-Oncology conference were held jointly in India with the following objectives (a) to provide state of art information to Pediatrician for treatment of various cancers in children (b) to develop low cost protocols for management (c) to improve the care of children with cancer and (d) to identify group which could work for various cancer in this country. Bonds of cooperation between PHO & SIOP grew further. First SIOP-ASIA Conference was held at Delhi. Our dynamic secretary Dr. Bharat Agarwal was elected as President of SIOP-ASIA.

Growth of this chapter has been unmatched over the years. This has resulted an improved care of children with various hematological disorders in this country. I am confident that growth of this chapter will continue to grow and this chapter will play major role at the National and International level in forming the policies and developments of health care delivery system for welfare of children in this country. Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Society of Bangladesh has followed the pattern and activities of PHO. Long Live our PHO-Chapter.

Dr. V.P. Choudhry Professor & Head Department of Hematology All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi- 110029, India Email: vedpchoudhry@yahoo.co.in Former Chairperson, PHO Chapter IAP Former President ISHTM Former President DSH

Chairperson Message

Dear members of the PHO chapters and Colleagues

Dear Members and Colleagues,

I bring greetings to you on behalf of the newly elected Executive Board of the Pediatric Hematology Oncology chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

As you will know from our website’s introductory pages, this chapter was conceived and the foundation laid during the proceedings of the 25th IAP Annual conference held in October of 1987, in Chennai. These past three decades have observed incredible advances in the field of research and care in diseases related to cancer and blood in children.  Four out of five children diagnosed with cancer can be cured with contemporary cancer therapy. This represents a dramatic improvement since 50 years ago when the cure rate of childhood cancer was <25% in the pre-chemotherapy era.

In India the last decade has been marked by a surge in the number of trained pediatric oncologists, some trained in advanced centres abroad and many more home trained. This is clearly a welcome change for our speciality. However much needs to be done in terms of having a PHO specialist in the pediatric dept of every medical college, including a note on warning signs of childhood cancer in all District and primary health centres. A referral route also needs to be defined and a separate budget requires to be assigned for their treatment, so that it does not compromise the care of children with other conditions.

However, as more children receive appropriate therapy it automatically leads to an increasing need for pediatricians participating in shared care. At this point we must remember that in order to achieve high cure rates we must have early diagnosis and a sensitized pediatrician. This not only elucidates the crucial role of the pediatrician but also the responsibility of the chapter in promoting networking with the pediatricians to reach out to every child in our country with cancer or catastrophic blood disorder.

I am honoured to be the chair of this august chapter and hope to be able to reach out to more and more children with a goal to improve the health and well-being of children with cancers and blood disorders in our country.

Gauri Kapoor MD, PhD

Chairperson, Pediatric Hematology Oncology chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics

PHO Office Bearers

PHO Office Bearers 2017-18

Chairperson Gauri Kapoor
New Delhikapoor.gauri@gmail.com
Honorary Secretary 
Deepak Bansal
Shweta Bansal
Chairperson elect
Mamta Manglani
Immediate past Chairperson
Nitin Shah
Joint treasurer
Bharat Agarwal
National Training Project - Practical Pediatric Hematology coordinator
Praveen Sobti
National Training Project - Practical Pediatric Oncology coordinator
Anupama Borker
Editor PHO journal
Gaurav Narula
Web Master
Gaurav Kharya
Zonal Executive Committee Members
NorthShruti KakkarLudhianadrahujashruti@gmail.com
CentralSirisha Rani Siddaiahgari
West Ratna Sharma
South T Priya kumari
East Arpita Bhattacharyya

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